Velocity (Strapless)

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Once again, ARISH scientists develop new technology for market & come out with extremely light weight Strapless Series Glove “VELOCITY”. They tried to use all the key learnings from other gloves Arish has developed across a wide spectrum of sports for the betterment & future of Goalkeeping. This strapless series glove come with all the fully loaded functionalities which goalkeepers need to get a wining level and the best thing to get rid of all the functionalities which are not effective in today’s modern goalkeeping.


  • It has been specially Designed & Developed for fit, touch and natural motion
  • Advanced weather control technology optimizes control in both wet and dry conditions
  • Neoprene & Padded foal body provides for enhanced fit
  • Reverse-stitching cut gives maximum one-to-one feel

The Arish VELOCITY Glove has totally fresh look which is far different than traditional designs. These gloves are designed to maximize the vital potential of a goalkeeper’s hands. The strap has been replaced by a flexible wrist cuff that extends from the joint to the lower forearm for mobility and comfort. Due to this feature, it give a feel like an extended part of the hand.

The Arish VELOCITY glove’s minimalist aesthetic is a result of a 66-percent reduction in the number of components than the traditional gloves. And, thanks to the removal of superfluous padding on the back of the hand, it’s also 33-percent lighter and 47-percent thinner. Punch prints on the third and fourth knuckle provide a barrier and won’t bunch up, and they lay close to the hand, even with full extension.

This time due to the all-new design, each glove has been manufactured with just a one-piece gusset. The high-grip palm features Arish best quality Professional Latex for mastering the elements. These qualities are designed to support saves.

Arish Strapless Series Velocity Glove come up with fusing technology too. It means the glove’s stitching is not just normal like other gloves but it also includes fusing technology which makes stitching parts too strong. It gives goalkeeper more better feeling for strong wearing.

Arish scientists tried it on hundreds of keepers in order to check weather this fabric material irritate keepers or not. The results are very much amazing & all the keepers are very much happy with the flexible performance during match.

Scientific Punching Zone feature continuing its effectiveness in Velocity Strapless Series glove too. It’s really popular in Arish’s other gloves too as it provides better contact with the ball during match.



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